Client Case Study – Franks Chicago Dogs

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Website Design & Development

Digital Innovations Multi Device Website

Digital Innovations is a “smart home technology” company. Media Team One managed the entire site “start to finish” producing everything from the design, programming, photography, video production, & integration of their social media sites. The online marketing campaigns directly contributed to Digital quadrupling revenue from $640k per year to $3,200,000 per year within a 48 month timeframe.

High Quality Client Testimonial Videos

One of the best features of the Digital Innovations site providing by Media Team One is the “Client Testimonials Section”. There is no better way to promote your business than having actual clients provide positive feedback with a high quality video testimonial.

Client Case Study Section

Media Team One developed a beautiful client case study section for Digital website with professional photography that included multimedia video production, client testimonials, drone flyover photos, and more. For Digital’s client the Lake Geneva Yacht Club touchscreens were installed on location which allowed their members access to sailing events, regattas, member services, and more.

Online Marketing

Social Media Integration, Search Engine Marketing

Media Team One strongly believes that in order to attract, grow, and retain your customer base it is critical that you coordinate and intelligent & well executed online marketing strategy. Digital Innovations integrated social media sites & leveraged targeted email blast campaigns which led customers to specific “landing pages” bringing the customer directly to the product they were looking for. This smart strategy generated a high conversion rate and generated great revenue for Digital.

Website Statistics & Reporting

Media Team One provided Digital Innovations with a “dashboard” where they could track the increased site traffic, open and click through rates from email blasts, and social media campaign results. Digital had over a 1200% increase in website traffic from the marketing campaigns designed by Media Team One which directly contributed to a significant 4x increase in revenue.