Client Case Study – OleiniTec

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Website Design & Development

OleiniTec Multi Device Website

Oleinitec AB designs and manufactures measuring and controlling equipment for enviromental, material, and process analysis. The company’s products focuses on spectroscopy, reology, textures, particle sizing, porosity, and density. Oleinitec AB is based in Sweden and has additional offices in Finland, and Denmark.

Media Team One designed & programmed the entire site start to finish. The site is multilingual and converts the site copy from Swedish to English with a click of a button.

Extensive Online Product Line

For over 40 years OleiniTec has supplied products/ instruments for all types of analytical tasks ranging from basic parameters to demanding and complex systems. Their solutions are anchored in most industries and they have yet to encounter an analytical task their products, expertise and dedication couldn’t solve. Users can use this beautifully designed website to browse through 1000’s of OlieiniTec’s vast range of products.

Instant Client Insights

One of the many features of the OleiniTec web site is the possibility for prospective customers to request purpose specific information about certain products. Working in close collaboration with OleiniTec product specialists, individual, custom questionnaires were built and placed on product pages to harness in-depth, educated questions from the site users.

This has not only resulted in a higher lead rate coming from the site, but also educated the OleinTec sales staff in what its customers actually are looking for.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing & Google Ads

Media Team One strongly believes that in order to attract, grow, and retain your customer base it is critical that you coordinate and intelligent & well executed online marketing strategy. In OleiniTec’s case, 99% of the customer base adheres to the B2B realm. Media Team One performed a full SEO optimization on the site and also runs a continuous Google Ads campaign, driving relevant traffic to the site.

Website Statistics & Reporting

Using Google Analytics as the main reporting & insight tool, Media Team One constantly monitors the OleiniTec site traffic and adjusts its Google Ads campaigns accordingly. Since this process was implemented, OleiniTec has enjoyed a 30% increase in high quality traffic at a Google Ads advertising cost at $7 per day.