Client Case Study – SpinDye

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Website Design & Development

SpinDye Website

SpinDye offers the most sustainable polyester yarns and fabrics in the fashion and apparel industry.Theireasy accessible coloring process is certified and fully transparent and it delivers fabrics with excellent color performance.  Members from Media Team One delivered a beautiful site for SpinDye capturing the essence of the amazing products they offer.

The SpinDye Methodology

Colors are great, but they can be challenging to produce.  SpinDye believes in abandoning the harmful practice of water dyeing and leading by example, inspiring the textile world to instead choose a more sustainable method of modern coloring.  Their beautifully designed website explains how their scientific and precise color system adds color in their manufacturing sequence adding pigment early in the manufacturing process & leaving water and out of the equation, saving the planet, one consciously colored product at a time.

Integrated YouTube SpinDye Videos

The SpinDye website also integrates beautiful YouTube videos explaining the SpinDye mission, manufacturing process, and the benefits this incredible product provides the customer and our incredible planet earth.

Online Marketing

Social Media Integration, Search Engine Marketing

Media Team One strongly believes that in order to attract, grow, and retain your customer base it is critical that you coordinate and intelligent & well executed online marketing strategy. SpinDye integrated social media sites & leveraged targeted email blast campaigns which led customers to specific “landing pages” bringing the customer directly to the product they were looking for.

Website Statistics & Reporting

Media Team One provided SpinDye with a “dashboard” where they could track the increased site traffic, open and click through rates from email blasts, and social media campaign results.